Hydrogen Society of Australia presents

Australia Hydrogen Day – 5th (Inter)National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day


Australia Hydrogen Day – 8th October 2023

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Professor Andrew Deeks, Vice Chancellor, Murdoch UniversityOfficial Opening of Australia Hydrogen Day and overview of Murdoch’s hydrogen
Hon. Bill Johnston, Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy; Hydrogen Industry; Industrial RelationsMinister Johnston provides an overview of Western Australia’s hydrogen industry
Peter Kasprzak, Chairman, Innovate Australia; HSA Board DirectorZero Emission Highway – Vision and Collaboration
GM Shafiullah, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Murdoch University

Furat Dawood, The Hydrogen Economy Group Founder and Managing Director,
HSA Steering Committee Member

Renewable Hydrogen Research at Murdoch University
Professor Peter Klinken, Chief Scientist of Western AustraliaWelcome Message to the 5th (Inter)National Australia Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Day 
Anthony Sutton, Executive Director, Hydrogen and New Energies, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and InnovationWestern Australia’s Renewable Hydrogen Strategy 
Ghazal Avijegon, Commercial Lead- Renewable Fuels, ATCO Gas Australia; HSA Steering CommitteeOverview of ATCO’s initiatives in the hydrogen space – recording not available
David Cavanagh, Managing Director, Integrated Energy Pty Ltd; Chief Hydrogen Officer, Hydrogen WestHydrogen and Decarbonization – locally and globally
Patrick Hartley, leader of CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry MissionAustralia’s Journey so far… and the path ahead
Stephen Gauld, Managing Director & CEO at Infinite Green EnergyInfinite Green Energy’s Pathway to Decarbonization
Andrew McCluskey, Executive General Manager Hydrogen, Siemens Ltd AU NZ; HSA ChairmanHydrogen and Siemens – Future focus and perspective


About the event 

On the 8th of October, as the world marvels at the significance of the number 1.008 – the atomic weight of Hydrogen – we in Australia celebrate our vision, our commitment, and our journey in leading the hydrogen revolution.

In 2015, the United States lit the beacon, marking the inauguration of the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. Four years later, in 2019, Innovate Australia picked up that mantle, pioneering the first Australian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day under its Hydrogen Society of Australia program. An initiative that blazed its own trail, becoming an independent entity and taking the solemn pledge to organize and champion the October 8th events year after year.

With the collective passion and dedication of the Hydrogen Society of Australia, Innovate Australia, and Murdoch University, our commitment to the hydrogen future shines even more luminously.

Our national ambition is crystal clear: by 2030, we envision Australia not merely as a participant but as a beacon of leadership in the hydrogen domain. We’re dreamers with blueprints in hand. Our strategies are adaptive, innovative, and tangible. Our hydrogen hubs are the crucibles of transformation, breeding innovation and synergizing our various energy sectors. And at the core of it all is an unwavering commitment to safety, sustainability, and shared prosperity.

But this isn’t just Australia’s narrative; it’s penned by every individual. We’re crafting a future where every Australian is a part of this luminous tale – from the metropolises to the heart of our regions. An industry that pledges growth, job opportunities, and a verdant, cleaner environment awaits us.

This October 8th, join us in this grand chapter. Celebrate the strides we’ve taken, the milestones achieved, and the limitless horizons that beckon. Together, let’s write the future. Together, let’s fuel a greener, brighter tomorrow.

Australia Hydrogen Day – Where history, science, and promise converge.

Five years ago Hydrogen Society of Australia brought the event Down Under, making it Australia’s first (Inter)National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day and the very first October 8th official celebration outside the United States.

Today, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) are perceived as adversarial technologies, competing for the domination of the global 1.5 billion vehicle market. This situation is slowing the move towards carbon-free transport, therefore calling for action from the international business community and governments to attend to the urgent need to increase the collaboration between those two “competing” EV technologies leading, sooner than later, to a cohesive zero-emission transport strategy.

The Zero Emission Highway (ZEH) concept aims to support heavy transport vehicles using both technologies. Although focused on heavy transport, the infrastructure would be accessible to all commercial and passenger vehicles, paving the way for zero-emission transportation. An investment in such comprehensive and collaborative infrastructure shouldn’t be considered speculative. This strategy will also help to gain a social licence for carbon-free transport by empowering people through the choice of technologies.

The ZEH project was first called the Hydrogen Highway when initiated by Innovate Australia and its then interest group, the Hydrogen Society of Australia, formed in January 2018. Innovate Australia is a not-for-profit organisation with a goal for Australia to become the global leader in innovation by 2030.


Date & Time

Sun, 8 Oct 2023 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM AWST


1.001 Kim E. Beazley lecture theatre

90 South St Murdoch, WA 6150 Australia