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Innovate Australia

The Hydrogen Society of Australia is an initiative of Innovate Australia and was launched in January 2018 by representatives of Innovate Australia (Peter Kasprzak and Adam Osseiran), Woodside (Brian Haggerty) and Siemens (Andrew McCluskey). Innovate Australia recognises the importance of Hydrogen for the development of the Australian economy and continues to actively promote and support the Hydrogen Society of Australia.
Discover more about Innovate Australia at: https://innovateaustralia.org/

HSA Corporate Enterprise Members


AZoCleantech, a part of the AZoNetwork, is a leading online platform focused on clean technology and sustainability. By delivering the latest advancements and news, it cultivates awareness and collaboration for a greener tomorrow, driven notably by ground breaking hydrogen innovation.


ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated. Building on over 140 years of excellence, ABB’s more than 105,000 employees are committed to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation.

BE & R Consulting

The world is currently sitting at the inflection point between the rise of renewable energy sources and the reduction of fossil fuels. BE&R provides our clients with a technical, commercial and strategic pathway to navigate this transition. BE&R nurtures sustainable energy projects, defining the production, export and transportation of alternative clean fuels. We advocate real carbon reduction strategies, minimising environmental impact and emissions. Organisations that have the foresight to act now will be the ones who reap the rewards, leading the change in decarbonising industry.


Cientifica is a private investment company that actively seeks and invests in early stage science-based start-ups.


Operating since 2003, CO2CRC is a world leader in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) research. CO2CRC’s research portfolio extends to clean hydrogen and other low emission technologies such as Direct Air Capture and Carbon Negative Biorefineries. Owned and operated by CO2CRC, the Otway International Test Centre is arguably one of the best characterised subsurface research sites globally for low emissions technology development. In collaboration with internationally respected industry, academic and government partners CO2CRC delivers low emission technology solutions to the world.


Your safety is our priority
For more than 130 years, Dräger has provided safety products, solutions and services to businesses across the world – no matter what their size or industry sector. We provide companies and their employees with protection, support and lifesaving equipment in many hazardous applications. With a wide portfolio of safety products, our range includes respiratory protection, drug and alcohol screening devices and bespoke engineered solutions, as well as personal protective equipment, service and training and both portable and fixed gas detection solutions.
Suitable products for Hydrogen H2
Whether portable gas detectors, gas detection tubes or personal protective equipment - Dräger offers a comprehensive portfolio to protect you when handling hazardous substances.

Edith Cowan University

The Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources at ECU School of Engineering has a major focus on large-scale hydrogen storage in geological formations. Such geologic storage containers can in principle store very large quantities (>1 million tons); however, fundamental understanding of the feasibility of such geo-projects is very limited. We thus perform research at the most fundamental level to advance this understanding, and to aid in the implementation of large-scale hydrogen storage solutions and a fully decarbonized fuel economy. Our hydrogen research also includes hydrogen production, with a particular focus on salt-water electrolysis and biomass utilization. We highly welcome collaboration with industry, please drop us an email!
Prof. Stefan Iglauer: s.iglauer@ecu.edu.au
Dr. Alireza Keshavarz: a.keshavarz@ecu.edu.au


Endress+Hauser is recognised as a leading supplier of industrial measurement and automation equipment, providing services and solutions for industrial processes all over the world.

We offer comprehensive process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analysis, temperature, recording and digital communications across a wide range of industries, optimising processes in regards to economic efficiency, safety and environmental protection.


Founded 30 years ago, ERGT Australia understands that immersive, experiential learning leads to greater competence and capability in safety and emergency response training for high-risk industries, including: oil and gas, mining, defence and renewables.
As a Nationally Recognised Training provider (RTO 2534), we deliver training programs in collaboration with industry, and are regulated by government and independent bodies, to help safeguard people and assets in challenging environments.
Our courses reflect real life workplaces, blending theory and scenario driven practical approaches to optimise engagement.
Our training facilities feature a Sikorsky S-76A helicopter, extensive fire-fighting incident response areas and industrial-sized swimming pools.

Ezzi Vision

Ezzi Vision, with over 20 years of expertise, leads in industrial and scientific vacuum and thin film technology. Our products redefine precision and fuel advancements in quantum science, ushering in a future of endless possibilities. Few of our products include Edwards Vacuum Pumps, MBraun Glove-Box Systems, Thyracont Vacuum Gauges, HotDisk AB Thermal Conductivity, Kashiyama Dry Pumps, , MPFPI Electrical Feedthroughs, Hiden Gas Analysis, Ezzi Vision Branded Vacuum Fittings, Korvus & HHV thin film deposition systems, ARS Cryogenic coolers and cryostats, and much more. Join us as we embark on a journey of limitless innovation.

Gascoyne Green Energy

Gascoyne Green Energy is a Western Australian renewable energy development company with exclusive access to scope potential for a large-scale multi-gigawatt green energy hub for production of green hydrogen/green ammonia on Boolathana. The gateway to the Gascoyne, Boolathana is a single-owned 149,003ha pastoral leasehold, only 15km from Carnarvon. International wind experts have identified that the renewable resource efficiencies present on Boolathana due to its elite wind and solar conditions, in combination with a flat treeless landscape and direct access to deep water from the 23km coastline, presents an unprecedented opportunity in Australia and the world. For more information, contact admin@ggenergy.au

Global Energy Learning Solutions

Global Energy Learning Solutions (GELS) delivers a range of high-quality Training and Recruitment services backed by years of industry knowledge and experience. GELS is committed to working with the renewables and hydrocarbons industries to develop highly skilled personnel for the energy industries of today and tomorrow. We are not just trainers, but energy industry professionals with many years of practical experience in hydrogen, power generation, industrial energy production, along with extensive experience and qualifications in training and assessment.


Gexcon has significant knowledge and experience related to hydrogen safety. We have developed FLACS-Hydrogen, our 3D CFD software for simulating hydrogen explosions and dispersion. Our team is very active within the global research community on hydrogen safety, particularly quantitative risk assessment, liquid releases, jet fires and deflagrations. Our consulting team have been involved in many hydrogen safety projects, including hydrogen plants, filling stations, transportation, and maritime applications. We also have experience in investigating hydrogen related accidents, and the knowledge informs our advice to clients. With our knowledge and expertise we assist our clients in design, approvals, and managing risks.

HF Integration

HF Integration are one of Australia’s leading human factors consultancies, working mostly in the energy, transportation and resources sectors.
Decarbonisation, and particularly the rapid uptake of hydrogen, means that people will need to interact with new technology, adopt novel ways of working, and be aware of changing process safety risks.
We help companies to understand the human role in these safety critical systems, design equipment that is tolerant of human error and easy to use, and ensure that the risk of human failure is managed to ALARP. Find out more at www.hfintegration.com

Horizon Power

As Western Australia’s regional and remote power provider, Horizon Power is leading the way in developing innovative energy solutions that are cleaner, greener, and delivering great outcomes for our customers and communities. Horizon Power is building Australia’s first renewable hydrogen demonstration plant in a remote power system in Denham, Western Australia. For more information about the work Horizon Power is delivering to decarbonise energy systems across regional and remote Western Australia, visit horizonpower.com.au

Hybrid Systems Australia

Hybrid Systems Australia (HSA) specialises in the provision of integrated renewable and innovative energy solutions including all aspects of design, construction, integration & commissioning, and ongoing operation. HSA are currently in the commissioning phase of a West Australian-first green hydrogen demonstration plant with a fuel cell capacity of 100kW, and a storage bank capable of containing 260kg of hydrogen. The system is powered by excess solar energy to demonstrate dispatchable baseload for remote microgrids.
Additionally, HSA are developing a hydrogen stand-alone power system (SPS) as an alternative to the rollout of their battery storage SPS units.

Hydrogen Energy Pty Ltd

A provider of green renewable energy solutions around the clock.
Uniquely designed to optimize the surrounding natural energy environment whilst directly addressing our customers’ needs.
No matter your location and what you do, we will utilise a combination of solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and hydro with a base load utilising battery and hydrogen.
A microgrid and decentralized energy provider, Hydrogen Energy builds, owns and operates its facilities to supply reliable, stable and clean electricity.
We also provide hydrogen for fuel cell applications in the emerging market of vehicles from cars, buses and trucks through to large mobile mining equipment.

The Hydrogen Standard

The Hydrogen Standard provides market insights, research and news for the hydrogen community to stay up to date with the latest developments. One of our flagship products is the hydrogen global governance platform that provides insights into government commitments to hydrogen on a country, regional and global scale. In addition, we are all about raising the profile of companies and organisations that provide decarbonisation solutions involving hydrogen, one way or another. This is channelled through our magazine, which is digitally and physically distributed at many hydrogen events throughout the world during the year and provides a stage for companies and organisations active in the hydrogen space to tell their story and showcase their technological solutions.

InterContinental Energy

Using upstream wind and solar, InterContinental Energy delivers green hydrogen at scale to accelerate the energy transition. InterContinental Energy has been pioneering best-in-class green fuels hubs since 2014 with a portfolio of Tier 1 projects across Australia and the Middle East. With a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary and global team, ICE thinks big to turn innovation into action - guided by the ethos of “doing the right thing, the right way”.
InterContinental Energy operates in three hubs across Singapore, Australia, and the Middle East. The company focuses on optimizing outcomes for all stakeholders, including First Nations and other communities, as well as collaborating with project partners to deliver value to its strategic investors.

Integrated Energy Pty Ltd

Integrated Energy is an independent consulting group of experienced professionals which works to provide energy companies with safer, more valuable, ways of working. We are based in Perth, Western Australia with an office in Brisbane, Queensland, and have partner companies in London, Stavanger and Houston as part of the Integrated Energy Alliance.
While we focus on delivering for today’s energy and resources industry, the capability we bring will serve well for the low carbon energy industry as it develops. We also believe in sharing back to the community around us, and having fun. Look for forthcoming announcements on our website

Murdoch University

Murdoch University Research Centre for Water, Energy and Waste (Harry Butler Institute): Murdoch University (MU) research expertise contributes to the entire hydrogen supply chain, with particular focus on hydrogen production, applications, and assessments of economic performance including environmental social and policy impacts. MU researchers are working on the use of renewable hydrogen-based power system in stand-alone power systems to displace diesel gensets in WA. MU researchers have developed a novel method using an Analytical Hierarchy Approach-based multi-criteria decision analysis along with system optimisation to obtain universal priority criteria and the best system configuration among a few alternatives. MU is also assessing the economic and environmental performance of blending hydrogen in existing natural gas pipelines. MU has partnered with The City of Mandurah, the Peel Development Commission and hydrogen industry businesses to establish the Perth and Peel Hydrogen Clusters. Murdoch University researchers include: A/Prof Tania Urmee; Dr GM Shafiulahh; Dr Martin Anda; Prof Goen Ho; and PhD Student Furat Dawood. For more information contact: hbi@murdoch.edu.au

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is dedicated to conducting world-class research. Our Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER) leads globally transformative research that overcomes complexity, drives change, and creates value for a more sustainable future. ISER provides a platform for research innovation, leadership, and partnership from our experts across all Faculties and Institutes.

South Australia is a world leader in the transition to become carbon neutral, and in the development of future fuels. The University of Adelaide has strength and ambition in delivering research breakthroughs. Our group of ‘green hydrogen’ researchers is focussed on supporting the scaling up of the emerging Australian sector, providing much needed research to accelerate and de-risk the developing industry and related projects.

HSA Corporate and Enterprise Collaborators


Local organisations often face unique challenges when it comes to embracing technology. Budget constraints make it difficult to fund projects that demand large upfront payments, and hiring tech talent during a global shortage seems both daunting and expensive. That’s why we created Zentient, a not-for-profit technology consultancy committed to delivering a dependable, sustainable and affordable solution for local organisations through a unique hybrid employee-consultant model.