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Innovate Australia

The Hydrogen Society of Australia is an initiative of Innovate Australia and was launched in January 2018 by representatives of Innovate Australia (Peter Kasprzak and Adam Osseiran), Woodside (Brian Haggerty) and Siemens (Andrew McCluskey). Innovate Australia recognises the importance of Hydrogen for the development of the Australian economy and continues to actively promote and support the Hydrogen Society of Australia.
Discover more about Innovate Australia at: https://innovateaustralia.org/

HSA Corporate Enterprise Members

Environmental Engineers International Pty Ltd (EEI)

EEI is a multi-award-winning engineering consultant, and technology development company based in Perth. We specialise in water and waste management, biogas generation and capture, and biological treatment. Innovation is a core value of EEI. We operate a pilot testing facility for development of biological processes, including hydrogen generation from reject streams. We have developed a number of patented processes for resource recovery in mining and agriculture. We see hydrogen as a key pillar in the future energy mix, and there is a great opportunity for knowledge sharing and collaboration with the water sector.

Integrated Energy Pty Ltd

Integrated Energy is an independent consulting group of experienced professionals which works to provide energy companies with safer, more valuable, ways of working. We are based in Perth, Western Australia with an office in Brisbane, Queensland, and have partner companies in London, Stavanger and Houston as part of the Integrated Energy Alliance.
While we focus on delivering for today’s energy and resources industry, the capability we bring will serve well for the low carbon energy industry as it develops. We also believe in sharing back to the community around us, and having fun. Look for forthcoming announcements on our website

Hydrogen Energy Pty Ltd

A provider of green renewable energy solutions around the clock.
Uniquely designed to optimize the surrounding natural energy environment whilst directly addressing our customers’ needs.
No matter your location and what you do, we will utilise a combination of solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and hydro with a base load utilising battery and hydrogen.
A microgrid and decentralized energy provider, Hydrogen Energy builds, owns and operates its facilities to supply reliable, stable and clean electricity.
We also provide hydrogen for fuel cell applications in the emerging market of vehicles from cars, buses and trucks through to large mobile mining equipment.


Gexcon has significant knowledge and experience related to hydrogen safety. We have developed FLACS-Hydrogen, our 3D CFD software for simulating hydrogen explosions and dispersion. Our team is very active within the global research community on hydrogen safety, particularly quantitative risk assessment, liquid releases, jet fires and deflagrations. Our consulting team have been involved in many hydrogen safety projects, including hydrogen plants, filling stations, transportation, and maritime applications. We also have experience in investigating hydrogen related accidents, and the knowledge informs our advice to clients. With our knowledge and expertise we assist our clients in design, approvals, and managing risks.

Truck Centre WA

Truck Centre WA is Western Australia’s largest family-owned and operated heavy duty truck dealership, home of Mack, UD, Volvo, and Hyundai Trucks and Buses. As a family-owned company Truck Centre WA gives you big company resources with small business care.
Operating all around Western Australia in seven strategic locations, Truck Centre is committed to providing the very best in customer satisfaction via its comprehensive range of new and pre-owned trucks and buses, genuine parts and accessories stock, and aftersales service.

HSA Corporate and Enterprise Collaborators


Local organisations often face unique challenges when it comes to embracing technology. Budget constraints make it difficult to fund projects that demand large upfront payments, and hiring tech talent during a global shortage seems both daunting and expensive. That’s why we created Zentient, a not-for-profit technology consultancy committed to delivering a dependable, sustainable and affordable solution for local organisations through a unique hybrid employee-consultant model.