South Australia Chapter

Hydrogen Society of Australia has assembled experts from South Australia to foster the local and national development of the hydrogen technology, infrastructure, and knowledge.

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South Australia Chapter Committee Members

Dr Rachelle Kernen

SA Chapter Chair
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The University of Adelaide

Rachelle is a member of the Management Committee for the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Resources at the University of Adelaide and a Superstar of STEM through Science and Technology Australia. As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and recipient of the prestigious Global Talent Visa, her current research applies my expertise in sedimentology, stratigraphy, and salt-sediment interaction to subsurface hydrogen storage and exploration and critical mineral deposits. Rachelle received Industry Fellowships for my MSc (2011) and PhD (2019) degrees completed in Geology at New Mexico State University and The University of Texas El Paso. From 2011-2015, Rachelle was an Exploration Geoscientist for the Royal Dutch Shell in Houston, Texas.

Dr Kate Holland

Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO
Kate joined CSIRO as an ecohydrologist in 2004 and currently leads the Groundwater management Group in the Water Security Program. In this role, she leads a group of 40 multi-disciplinary groundwater scientists who work to develop innovative field, laboratory and modelling science to support safe and secure groundwater resources for communities, industries and the environment across Australia, South Asia and the Pacific. She also leads multi-disciplinary project teams (geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, water quality, ecology and impact analysis) that compile independent, evidence-based information to support policymakers, communities, industry and regulators to make decisions about future energy and mineral resource development.

Dr Alfonso Chinnici

Senior Lecturer, Principal Scientist, Research Manager & Energy Analyst, University of Adelaide
Dr. Alfonso Chinnici, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide, specializes in Sustainability, Energy, and Resources. He's an executive member of the Centre for Energy Technology. Chinnici's research covers diverse energy topics like hydrogen, industry and transport decarbonisation, sustainable metal processing, combustion science, solar energy, carbon capture, and circular economy. With over 100 technical papers and 3 patents, he has secured over $15 million in R&D funding. Chinnici holds leadership roles in Australian Cooperative Research Centres focusing on heavy industry and energy network decarbonisation. He's involved in global initiatives like Mission Innovation and serves as Associate Editor for Frontiers in Energy Research. Additionally, he consults for entities like the International Energy Agency and the Government of South Australia.

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