5th Australia Hydrogen Day – Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation – Anthony Sutton – Western Australia’s Renewable Hydrogen Strategy

Anthony Sutton provides an overview of the State’s Renewable Hydrogen Strategy, with a focus on the current strategy consultation process.

Anthony Sutton
Executive Director, Hydrogen and New Energies, Resources and Project Facilitation
Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

Anthony Sutton currently leads the Hydrogen and New Energies Division in the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. In this role Anthony’s team supports the State Government’s commitment to transition towards renewable energy sources. This includes:

- Growing a globally competitive renewable hydrogen industry and driving related downstream processing opportunities, with a focus on the activation of hydrogen hubs and the development of local electrolyser and other hydrogen manufacturing opportunities; and

- Implementing the Future Battery and Critical Minerals Industries Strategy to grow participation in the global battery and critical minerals supply chains, and promote investment opportunities.

Prior to this role, Anthony led the environmental impact assessment and policy services to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). His experience in the Western Australian public sector and knowledge of the natural environment ensured the EPA was provided with quality advice to enable sustainable development in the state. Anthony has held senior roles in the public service for 25 years, including as the independent Appeals Convenor for three years.

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