Hydrogen Geo-storage: challenges and opportunities with Dr. Alireza Keshavarz – Hydrogen Links – Industry Focused Academic Research

Topic: Hydrogen Geo storage: challenges and opportunities 

Presenters: Dr. Alireza Keshavarz, Deputy Director of Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources, Edith Cowan University.

Dr. Alireza Keshavarz is the Discipline Coordinator of the “Chemical, Energy, and Resources” program and the Deputy Director of the “Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources” at Edith Cowan University. His research is primarily focused on sub-surface energy systems, energy sustainability and security, hydrogen geo-storage, and CO2 sequestration. With a strong publication record, Dr. Keshavarz has authored over 200 technical articles in top-tier journals and conference proceedings within his field. He has led and served as a chief investigator on numerous industry-sponsored projects. Prior to joining ECU, Dr. Keshavarz worked as a Research Scientist in CSIRO’s Energy Business Unit, where he concentrated on the development of subsurface energy resources and CO2 sequestration.

Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources, ECU

Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources at ECU School of Engineering focusses on large-scale hydrogen storage in geological formations. Such geologic storage containers can in principle store very large quantities (>1 million tons); however, fundamental understanding of the feasibility of such geo-projects is very limited. We thus perform research at the most fundamental level to advance this understanding, and to aid in the implementation of large-scale hydrogen storage solutions and a fully decarbonized fuel economy. Our hydrogen research also includes hydrogen production, with a particular focus on salt-water electrolysis and biomass utilization.

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