Why Things Work and Why They Don’t: An Interview with Quentin Meyer

By The Hydrogen Standard – 05/2022

Dr Quentin Meyer is an active Steering Committee member of the Hydrogen Society of Australia. Quentin is a Research Associate at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where he focuses his studies on hydrogen fuel cells, renewable power sources, and electrochemistry.  With over 39 published papers under his belt, and a runner-up prize for Young Electrochemist of the Year 2021 from EDRACI, he is proving himself to be an incredibly formidable researcher. Quentin was recently interviewed by The Hydrogen Standard, the Leading Magazine on Global Hydrogen Developments, to talk about his pioneering work with fuel cells, how he got to where he is today, and his plans for the future.

Quentin began his academic career in 2011 when he started his PhD at University College London in the Electrochemical Innovation Lab.  Today, Quentin is engaging with new avenues of research at the University of New South Wales. “Right now, I am trying to raise funding for a new type of fuel cell catalyst in the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) in the NanoElectrochemistry Lab of Prof Chuan Zhao. These days, commercial hydrogen fuel cells use platinum, because their performance and durability is really high, somewhere between five to twenty thousand hours. But obviously, platinum is also one of the most expensive metals on the planet —so it doesn’t really make sense in the long run”. “What we are trying to do is find a low-cost alternative that will deliver similar performance and durability. That’s not going to happen overnight, and there is a lot of active research in this field. It’s challenging, it’s exciting and eventually we will get there.”

The full interview is available in our members portal (The Hydrogen Standard Issue 3 pages 15, 16, and 17)