Job Opportunities with International Future Lab – REDEFINE H2E (Munich)

Expression of Interest for Researcher positions at the Technical University of Munich:

An opportunity provided by the Technical University of Munich, Curtin University, and the International Future Lab: Redefine H2E. 

Working under the supervision of Professor Peta Ashworth (Director of the Curtin Institute for Energy Transition), we have an exciting opportunity available for a Core Scientist, Junior Guest Researcher with fellowship, Senior Researcher with TUM contract,  for WP4 of the International Future Lab, REDEFINE H2E, at the Technical University of Munich. You will: 

  • Scope and expert interviews (academia, policy, industry, NGOs) to create a stakeholder map and assess the current landscape, potential societal and environmental issues and opportunities with regard to the hydrogen technologies 
  • Working with focus groups and national surveys, you will determine initial public reactions to hydrogen and proposed technologies
  • You will also conduct survey analyses and facilitate citizens’ panels to identify key factors that might influence public support for the development of a hydrogen industry and related technologies 
Core Scientist’s profile
  • Core Scientists can be early career post-docs or senior researchers who are willing to come to Munich for a minimum period of 12 months
  • German language skills are helpful, but not required. Most of our Core Scientists do not speak German. We offer German language classes and close support for tasks where German is helpful (e.g. cooperation with German speaking colleagues for interviews, etc)
What we are offering: Option 1: Core Scientist – mid/long-term stay as Core Scientist (12 months minimum)
  • Stay at Technical University of Munich (TUM) for up to 18+ months
  • Employment contract between researchers and TUM for duration of stay with salary according to appointment level:
  • Senior researchers (post-doc tenure >=4 years):
    • Title of guest professor at TUM 
    • Typically salary level W2 (= gross salary of €6200p/m for 100% position) if PhD was awarded 4-12 years ago or W3 (= gross salary of €7400p/m for 100% position) if PhD was awarded >=12 years ago
  • Early career post-docs (post-doc tenure <4 years):
    • Salary level E14/15 (= gross salary of €4.5 – 5kp/m for 100% position)
  • Part-time option or full-time option for contract at TUM for duration of stay at TUM possible
  • Accommodation support of €1000p/m • Travel costs to and from Munich covered by project, additional travel funds for conference attendances (€5-6k per person in total)
  • Financial support for childcare during project-related trips
How to apply:

To apply for this role, please email your CV and any questions you have regarding this opportunity to Professor Peta Ashworth (Director, Curtin Institute for Energy Transition) at

Additional Opportunities: 
Option 2: Fellowship – short-term stay as Junior Guest Researcher with fellowship (up to 6 months)
  • Stay at TUM for up to 6 months
  • Monthly support/scholarship of €1750p/m per researcher
  • Researchers can keep their full employment contract with their home institution for the duration of their stay at TUM
  • Available for all types of researchers (MSc/PhD students to post-docs)
  • Travel costs to and from Munich covered by project
Option 3: Short-term stay as Senior Researcher with TUM contract (3-12 months)
  • For senior researchers TUM can set up contracts with shorter durations (e.g. 3-12 months)
  • Senior researchers whose PhD was awarded >= 4 years ago are eligible for this option
  • Title of Guest Professor at TUM
  • Same salary levels and additional financial support as detailed in Option 1 above

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