Hydrogen Society of Australia presents

Zero Emission Highway 2020 – 2028: Infrastructure, Vehicles, People


Western Australia is rapidly approaching a systemic challenge in powering its state transportation system. WA consumes 25% of Australia’s diesel. Heavy transport use is characterised by long range use and long up-times.

For over two years Innovate Australia and later its spinoff project, Hydrogen Society of Australia, have promoted the development of the ‘Hydrogen Highway’ alongside the ‘Electric Highway’ to allow zero emission transport in Western Australia and to serve as a blueprint for similar projects across the nation.

An increased drive for decarbonisation of fuel supplies will continue to drive pressure on Australia’s large greenhouse gas emitters to find zero-emission alternatives. Hydrogen offers an ideal alternative as both a cost effective storage solution, and a viable replacement for long-haul diesel transport. The current industry challenge is to decide whether to invest in supply or demand for hydrogen when neither presently exist – the chicken and egg problem.

Battery and hydrogen commercial transport technologies are emerging as suitable options to replace diesel in short- and long-haul routes. Australia’s renewable resources and its ability to produce renewable hydrogen cost-effectively position it well to capitilise on the benefits of a zero-emission transportation system.

Join our panel of experts to discuss the feasibility and the economic impact of installing a network of combined hydrogen refuelling and electric vehicle recharging facilities to allow the flow of zero emission transport across the state.



27 May 2020

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