Hydrogen Society of Australia presents

Hydrogen Space 2023 – Networking and Presentations


About this event

Join us on the 21st of March 2023 for an event with presenters from government and academia presenting their insights in the hydrogen space. This will be a hybrid event being presented in-person in Perth, Western Australia, and broadcast online worldwide.

The in-person event will also host a networking session prior to the presentations. Get your creative minds and conversations flowing with tea, coffee, and light nibbles.


7:30 – 8:00 am Networking over tea, coffee, and light nibbles (in-person only)

8:00 – 9:00 am Presentations



Following the presentations, the HSA AGM 2023 will be hosted in the same venue from 9:00am AWST to 10:00am and will also be broadcast live across the country.  Over the course of the AGM, we will acknowledge our achievements over the past year (2022) and forcast our proposed initiatives over the coming year.  Feedback and insights from our member participants will be welcomed and addressed via a Q&A process.  This AGM event is for members only – to register for the HSA AGM 2023 click on the following link: HSA AGM 2023 registration page.



Professor Craig Buckley – Hydrogen Storage Research Group Curtin University 

Professor Craig Buckley is a John Curtin Distinguished Professor, leads the Hydrogen Energy research at Curtin University and is recognised internationally for his work on hydrogen storage materials. Since 1994 he has held various research positions in the UK, USA and Australia prior to being awarded a continuing position at Curtin University. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics and a member of several National and International science and advisory committees including: The Australian Executive Committee member on the International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) and an Australian expert on the IEA Hydrogen TCP Task 40 Hydrogen Energy Storage and Conversion.  Professor Buckley leads Program 2: Hydrogen Exports and Value Chains in the Future Energy Exports (FEnEx) CRC. Throughout his career he has been a lead/co-investigator on over $100 M of research funding, including being the lead investigator on several Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery, Linkage, Large Equipment and Industry grants.  Professor Buckley has published over 240 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, which have attracted over 8000 citations.

An Overview of the Hydrogen Storage Research Group (HSRG) at Curtin University

The HSRG under the leadership of John Curtin Distinguished Professor Craig Buckley has been conducting research on energy storage at Curtin University over the past 20 years. Over this period the HSRG has predominantly been involved in researching hydrogen storage materials, as well as heat storage materials and batteries. The four main areas of research are hydrogen storage for mobile and stationary applications, thermal batteries made from metal hydrides and metal carbonates, solid state hydrogen storage materials for export applications and solid-state electrolytes.


Katie Cook – Director at JTSI Renewable Hydrogen Unit 

Katie Cook is an experienced project manager, advisor and engineer in the energy industry, in the hydrogen, renewables and oil and gas markets. She is a Director at the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation in the Renewable Hydrogen Unit. Her responsibilities include coordination and managing the implementation of the Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy, including the administration of the Renewable Hydrogen Fund, leading the Hydrogen Value Chain Model, hydrogen hubs development, managing key stakeholders and developing policy and technical advice. She was key in recommending the Renewable Hydrogen Strategy goals be accelerated from 2040 to 2030 and developed the Unit’s Action Plan, Roadmap and governance structure in her first 6 months.
Prior to joining the government, she worked around the globe with Arup, a multinational consulting firm, for over 12 years. Katie led Western Australian industry interviews and co-authored the National Hydrogen Hubs Study, as part of the work conducted to support the Australian National Hydrogen Strategy.


Hydrogen is marching on – Will you march with us? 



21 March 2023


In-person: 7:30am to 9:00am AWST
Online: 8:00am to 9:00am AWST


In-person: Liberty Flexible Workspace facilities on 125 Murray Street (Pelican Room, Level 7/8)

Online: Via link provided in registration ticket


In-person: $5.00
Online: free