Hydrogen Society of Australia presents

Hydrogen Safety and Risk Management Training Course


Hydrogen Safety and Risk Management Training Course

About this Training Course 

The Hydrogen Society of Australia is collaborating with GEXCON and Integrated Energy to deliver a half day basic training course in hydrogen safety and risk management for HSA members and non-members.  The course is targeted for professionals with a technical background who are looking to broaden their skill set into the hydrogen space.  The first two hours will consist of a general introduction to the hydrogen ecosystem followed by hydrogen safety and risk management, delivered by the specialist team in Gexcon (Fiona Mitchell-Corbett and Derek Cross).  Following networking over morning tea, the next hour will be focused on regulations and standards, delivered by David Cavanagh (Managing Director of Integrated Energy, and Chief Hydrogen Officer of Hydrogen West and Hydrogen East).  The event will close at 13:00 following a networking session over a light lunch.  This face-to-face interactive training course will have limited seating, so register to secure your place.

HSA members will receive a 20 percent discount.  Thanks to our Enterprise Supporter Liberty Flexible Workspaces who will provide the training facilities at no charge.

Fiona Mitchell-Corbett – Vice President Hydrogen Safety

Fiona has over 15 years of process safety experience, with a demonstrated history of strong performance in the energy industry, beginning in oil and gas before moving across to hydrogen and new energies to support the energy transition. Fiona is currently enrolled in Master of Science in Safety, Risk and Reliability Engineering, with a Postgraduate Diploma in the same field, and also holds a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Chemical and Process Engineering


Derek Cross – Gexcon Australia Team Lead

Derek is a professional mechanical engineer with over 20 years of process safety experience across a range of industries, including hydrogen. He has worked in projects around Australia and the world, both in design teams and as operational support. Derek has extensive experience in process safety management, risk assessment and regulatory approvals, as well as using tools such as Shell FRED and Effects to conduct modeling for clients worldwide, helping them understand their hazards and design appropriate strategies to mitigate them.

Gexcon has significant knowledge and experience related to hydrogen safety. We have developed FLACS-Hydrogen, our 3D CFD software for simulating hydrogen explosions and dispersion. Our team is very active within the global research community on hydrogen safety, particularly quantitative risk assessment, liquid releases, jet fires and deflagrations. Our consulting team have been involved in many hydrogen safety projects, including hydrogen plants, filling stations, transportation, and maritime applications. We also have experience in investigating hydrogen related accidents, and the knowledge informs our advice to clients. With our knowledge and expertise we assist our clients in design, approvals, and managing risks.


David Cavanagh – Managing Director of Integrated Energy, and Chief Hydrogen Officer of Hydrogen West and Hydrogen East

David Cavanagh is Managing Director of Integrated Energy, and Chief Hydrogen Officer of Hydrogen West and Hydrogen East.  He brings three decades of professional engineering experience, with locations spanning six continents, for leading green hydrogen, energy, and resource companies.  He and his team have extensive experience in clean energy in particular creating a green hydrogen upstream, midstream and transportation ecosystem, nationally across Australia, engaging private capital and creating a multibillion dollar green hydrogen market.  He is a globally recognised expert in hydrogen for transport contributing to national and international standards for hydrogen mobility on land, air and sea.

Integrated Energy is an independent consulting group of experienced professionals which works to provide energy companies with safer, more valuable, ways of working. We are based in Perth, Western Australia with an office in Brisbane, Queensland, and have partner companies in London, Stavanger and Houston as part of the Integrated Energy Alliance.
While we focus on delivering for today’s energy and resources industry, the capability we bring will serve well for the low carbon energy industry as it develops. We also believe in sharing back to the community around us, and having fun. Look for forthcoming announcements on our website


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24 August 2022


8am – 1pm AWST


5 Hours


Venue: Liberty Flexible Work Spaces – 197 St Georges Terrace – Karda Room

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$200.00 – log into the members portal to access discount price