Hydrogen Society of Australia presents

H2 World web series – Learnings from the 3rd Hydrogen Production, Storage and Infrastructure Development Global Summit


H2 World web series – Learnings from the 3rd Hydrogen Production, Storage and Infrastructure Development Global Summit

Clariden Global in collaboration with the Hydrogen Society of Australia (HSA) delivered the 3rd Hydrogen Projection, Storage and Infrastructure Development Global Summit over a three-day period (19 to 21 January 2022). The HSA President Adam Osseiran facilitated the online event. A series of excellent presentations were delivered by government, industry leaders and academic technical experts involved with hydrogen projects in Australia and around the globe.

The HSA and Clariden Global have teamed up to offer HSA Members an exclusive web series made up of selected presentation materials from the summit! Entitled H2 World, this web series will be delivered Australia-wide via webinars every 2 weeks from Wednesday 30th March onwards. Also, keep your eyes out for in-person H2 World ‘Screening & Networking’ events that may be organised by your local HSA Chapter.


1. Kapz Malhotra – ATCO Gas – How ATCO is Blending Renewable Hydrogen into the Gas Network

2. Alan Watkins – Coregas – Port Kembla Case Study: Australia’s First Hydrogen-Powered Trucks And Refueling Station In Decarbonizing The Freight Industry 

3. Daniel Harding – ACT Government – Renewable Hydrogen Technology Demonstration in Canberra – A Case Study of Australia’s First Public Hydrogen Refueling Station

4. Dr. Attilio Pigneri – H2U – The Hydrogen Utility – Green Hydrogen and Ammonia – Scaling Up Commercialization 

5. Matthias Raab – CO2CRC – Enabling Large-Scale Hydrogen in Underground in Preparation for Australia to be the Largest Hydrogen Exporter

6. Sreeraj Balachandran – Rio Tinto – Green Hydrogen in Mining & Refining

7. David Bently – Ardent Underground Hydrogen Storage – Large Scale, Low Cost Compressed Hydrogen Storage – The Missing Link to a Green Hydrogen Future

8. Muren Guler – Venn Energy – Developing Utility Scale Bankable Solar And Hydrogen Projects

9. Mark Rheinblander – Carbon280 – Oz Mineral Case Study: Safe, Scalable, Hydrogen Storage

10. Jeremy Stone – J-Power Latrobe Valley – The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) Project in Gippsland Victoria: World’s First Integrated Liquid Hydrogen Supply Chain 

11. Karan Bagga – Thyssenkrupp Udhe Australia – Thyssenkrupp Udhe Innovations in Large Scale Water Electrolysis and Green Ammonia Technologies – Click here for further information and registration details  

12. Sean McGuire – Engie Green Hydrogen – Hydrogen Park Murray Valley Project   

The H2 World web series is only available to HSA members. Members will be able to register for any or all of the 12 webinars free of charge.

Memberships start at $20 for a whole year with which you benefit from free or discounted access to all HSA Events, access to the HSA network and knowledge portal, become a part of an active and growing Hydrogen Community and participate in the development of an Australia and global renewable energy future. Discover more about membership options and their benefits for you at: https://hydrogensociety.org.au/#memberships



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