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H2 World – Module 9 – Mark Rheinblander – Carbon280 – Oz Mineral Case Study: Safe, Scalable, Hydrogen Storage


H2 World – Module 9 – Mark Rheinblander – Carbon280 – Oz Mineral Case Study: Safe, Scalable, Hydrogen Storage

About this Module

Module 9 of the H2 World series will feature Mark Rheinblander, Carbon280’s Founder and CEO presenting on the Hydrogen Storage space and opportunities. He will talk on key factors to consider for projects selecting hydrogen storage technologies: Safety and Environment, Cost, Weight sensitivity, Release Rate, Purity, Storage Volume, Storage Duration, Transport and Stores, and Input/Output Variability. Carbon280’s unique perspective will be discussed through the introduction of the technologies they offer – ‘Hydrilyte’. Finally, insight into real-world applications will be given by Mark Rheinblander as he discusses Carobon280’s recent project with AusMinerals

Mark Rheinblander

Founder & CEO at Carbon280

Mark is the inspirational CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon280. Insatiably curious and unable to sit still (sorry mum), he’s a Geologist and Entrepreneur with experience across a wide range of industries. LIke most startup CEOs he’s deeply involved in every aspect of the business: at Carbon280 this includes Corporate and Technical strategy, Hydrilyte™ R&D, Engineering, Market Research, Techno-economics, Marketing and Business Development. He’s also the IT Guy and the Website Guy.


“At Carbon280 we are passionate about this small planet we live on. We see that there is just one fragile, whisper-thin atmosphere that keeps us all alive so we can argue with each other about which political system is best or which football team is going to win next week or whose responsibility it is to cut emissions first. We are a small team that are motivated by the desire to make a difference. We think it is good planetary manners to assume we should leave the Earth the way we found it.”

“Prior to Industrialisation, and since the end of the last ice age, CO2 levels had stabilised at around 280ppm. They are now over 400ppm and climbing. At Carbon280 our mission is embedded in our name, we are working towards restoring the pre-industrial levels of CO2 at 280 parts per million. Is this achieveable by one small team? Probably not, but if fear of failure keeps us all on our sofas, we are truly screwed. We need help and we see no borders, so wherever you are or whatever your name or nation, we want you to support us however you can.”

“Hydrogen is a key technology for eliminating fossil fuels from the electricity, industrial and transport systems; and hydrogen storage is currently the most technically challenging and weakest link in the hydrogen supply chain. Carbon280 and Hydrilyte™ are changing that.”

Read more about Rio Tinto: https://carbon280.com/


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Module 9 – 20 July 2022


12pm AWST (14pm AEST)




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