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H2 World – Module 7 – David Bentley – Ardent Underground Hydrogen Storage – Large Scale, Low Cost Compressed Hydrogen Storage


Module 7 – David Bentley – Ardent Underground Hydrogen Storage – Large Scale, Low Cost Compressed Hydrogen Storage – The Missing Link to a Green Hydrogen Future

About this Module

In this module of the H2 World, David Bentley, CEO of Ardent Underground, will discuss the storage side of the green hydrogen supply chain. Challenges of hydrogen storage are considered and currently available solutions are discussed. David will go on to offer insight into Ardent Underground’s Vertical Shaft Hydrogen Storage solutions. A holistic insight into this solution is delivered, looking into application and installation, safety, and the opportunities that this technology offers to the hydrogen storage supply chain. The Dyna Nobel Moranbah Green Ammonia Feasibility case study by NERA is reflected on, key findings discussed, and considerations are given to the application of the Ardent System to this project.

David Bentley

David is the CEO of Ardent Underground and has over 30 years’ experience in the energy sector. David’s career has included demand side energy efficiency programmes to address waste and lower energy consumption, pioneering energy performance contracting in both Government and Private sectors.

David has also developed unique solutions for combined heat and power projects seeking the most efficient solution to reduce energy consumption and emissions. He has extensive competence in building and managing global businesses within the energy and defense industries. David leads Ardent Underground’s objective to have a safe, proven, economical, large-scale, hydrogen gas storage technology ready to serve the green hydrogen industry in advance of the expected growth in the market post-2025.

Ardent Underground Hydrogen Storage

Ardent Underground uses unique technology developed in the mining industry to construct deep vertical shafts for the large-scale storage of compressed hydrogen deep underground. Utilising the surrounding rock to contain the pressure forces the Ardent solution avoids costly materials required for aboveground storage and provides a safer alternative with a very small aboveground footprint.

Read more about Ardent Underground Hydrogen Storage: ardentunderground.com


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Module 7 – 22 June 2022


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