Hydrogen Society of Australia presents

Australia’s 2nd (Inter)National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day


The Zero Emission Highway project strategy is to empower people and offer them choices between technologies that are equally progressive and future-oriented. This will help to get people and companies adapting easier and faster to use these new technologies.

The first-ever National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day took place in the United State on October 8th 2015. It was then created by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association to raise awareness on fuel cell and hydrogen technologies as well as the vast potential these technologies have today and in the future. The specific date was chosen, as in the United States 8th of October is written as October 8th or more commonly as 10/08, and 1.008 is the atomic weight of Hydrogen.

Last year Hydrogen Society of Australia brought the event Down Under, making it Australia’s first (Inter)National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day and the very first October 8th official celebration outside the United States.

This year, in the spirit of collaboration in the efforts to develop the zero-emission transport, which is the cornerstone Hydrogen Society of Australia’s main project, Zero Emission Highway, we are joining forces with an Electric Vehicles (EVs) experts at Gemtek Group to showcase the advantage of all electric vehicles working together for a richer and healthier nation. The future usage of plugin battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) can be compared to the current usage of petrol and diesel vehicles; petrol in most cases for personal and light transport, diesel for heavy transport, machinery, trains, etc.

Featured Speakers

Welcome Video Message from:

Morry Markowitz

President of Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association

Bill Elrick

Executive Director at California Fuel Cell Partnership

Professor Peter Klinken

Chief Scientist of Western Australia

MC / Moderator

Peter Damen

Chairman of Innovate Australia


Peter Kasprzak

President of Hydrogen Society of Australia, Co-Founder and CEO at Innovate Australia

Craig Knight

Chief Executive Officer at Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies & HYZON Motors

Steve Gauld

Managing Director & CEO at Infinite Blue Energy

Cam Dumesny

Executive Officer at Western Roads Federation

Florian Popp

Co-Founder and Commercial Director at Gemtek Group

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8 October 2020

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